Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sendak on Melville's Piazza

One of these was just accepted into the masters program for drama at Yale

Crabby Bernie April 28--Shorthanded

"UC-Davis Chancellor Is Placed on Leave" --She should have been peppersprayed and fired years ago.

UC-Davis Chancellor Is Placed on Leave

The chancellor, Linda P.B. Katehi, will be on administrative leave while the University of California system investigates potential policy violations.

She should have been fired when she condoned the forcible pepper spraying of students--when the sheriff and his men held open the eyelids of students and sprayed them. 

"Colorado clinic accused gunman believed Feds were following him- -police"

No.  It was Carly lashing him on toward the clinic.

MSNBC: "The Bridges Cruz burned in DC have come back to bite him in Indiana"

I think that's exact, and I can give the name of the reporter if pressed.
Anyone have a photo of a burned bridge, middle open, biting Cruz in the bottom?

Hillary to Ask Biden to be her VP

He knows the job.