Monday, October 23, 2017

Sandblasting in gale winds--worst ever--empty beach till the end when Bruce came up from the north

But Bruce is a retired cop so you expect toughness. In this picture you can't see the sheets of sand whipping to the ocean.

And where again and where again was Vicey Alford Henderson born? Don't base firm conclusions on a census or two.

She was enumerated with Abner Newton Henderson Sr on the Morgan County, AL census dated 1840; Levisa was shown at age 32 as a white female.
She was enumerated with Abner Newton Henderson Sr on the Pike County, AR census dated November 13, 1850; Vica was shown at age 42 as a white female born in Virginia.
She was enumerated with Abner Newton Henderson Sr on the Pike County, AR census dated August 9, 1860; Luvisa was shown at age 53 as a white female born in Tennessee.
She was enumerated with Andrew Jackson "Jack" Henderson on the Pike County, AR census dated August 6, 1870; Lavise was shown at age 62 as a white female born in Tennessee. Her occupation was keeping house. She could read but not write.
She was enumerated with Louis Marion Henderson on the Pike County, AR census dated June 22, 1880; Louvisa was shown at age 73 as a widowed white female, mother of L.M., born in Alabama. Her parents were born in Virginia. Levisa "Vicey" Alford died in 1881 at Hot Spring County, AR. She was buried at Oma Cemetery, Hot Spring County, AR.

Maunderings. Winds too ferocious to put trash cans to curb; thinking instead of Candice Bergen

Why when I reach up for the coffee filters do I always think of the fig tree on Avondale near the Brentwood Country Mart?

The New Yorker reviewed THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES (NEW AND SELECTED). I see it is on Netflix and want to watch it for Candice Bergen's "sublime" and substantial speech. No one else around does.

The only thing I remember about one horrible year, some time ago, is Candice Bergan in her khakis in the doorway of Fairfax High School, making a sublime and substantial speech. There never was anything or anybody so beautiful.

But now when I think of her I think of Jay Thomas's being dead already, and so young.

Already the cat has been tolled down here in the cavern, safely away from the deconstructors and constructors who ought to arrive prepared to hang from the roof as I used to do, from a prehensile ear. The wind really is unnerving, and it will pull impossibly high temperatures in.

On Netflix I can find Candice Bergen's sublime and substantial speech and watch just it. I could. Or I could find out about the caravan from Morgan County, Alabama to Pike County, Arkansas that Abner Henderson drove in the early 1840s. How many weeks did it take them, Ab and the Alfords?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Geni genealogical site--creating fanciful pathways of kinship, e.g. to Senator Glenn and F. Scott Fitzgerald

I noticed recently that one of the DNA cousins, the Renfrewshire Glenns, is the ancestor of the astronaut. I am doubly a Glenn so this pleased me. Geni offers a kinship path, so I clicked on it, and got an elaborate chart showing kinship from my mother and not my father, the Glenn, and getting a ggg grandmother and grandfather wholly wrong. So, although it is bedtime, I checked F. Scott Fitzgerald, and they got that wrong too, through my mother and not my Warfield father, and got the same ggg grandparents of my mother wrong, and so everything after that wrong. You can never be too careful. Maybe Geni is right about the biblical Seth. I intend to live a long time.