Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Pottenger cousin, James Bowie

OK OK so I am proud of being a cousin of Jane Austen though I don't fool around with anything much that is not on this continent. But I am a Pottenger, as Rosalynn Carter is, and we are both proud of it. So I got to looking at the Magruder and Pottenger connections and today I realized I had better pay attention to the Bowie part of it. Well, there are a couple of Bowie and Pottenger connections and it looks as if I can claim James Bowie (rhymes with Gooey) as a cousin. So I have a Pottenger cousin who died at the Alamo and a Bell cousin who wrote a book about the Mier Captivity. And a BA from Lamar State College of Technology in Beaumont, Texas. And I just retired from Melville work on the 15th, when the NCE3 of MOBY-DICK arrived.
Cousin Jim Bowie. That is right up there with Cousin Paul Tibbetts. Both Maryland connections.

Early Saturday Morning--You never know what is under the sand

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