Friday, April 15, 2011

Hershel Parker and Shirley Dettlaff on the Piazza at Arrowhead 1991


  1. Shirley Dettlaff was my English teacher at Glendale High Wonderful teacher. Taught me how to be organized in my writing and so much more. I remember her as a woman of great wit, humor and intelligence.

  2. All that, and the author of a classic piece on Melville's aesthetics, "Ionian Form and Esau's Waste: Melville's View of Art in CLAREL," AMERICAN LITERATURE 54 (May 1982), as well as the chapter on "Melville's Aesthetics" in A COMPANION TO MELVILLE STUDIES (1986).

  3. She was my American Literature class teacher when I was a junior (1977-78). I think that she was working on her PhD at that time. I did not know about her work on Melville. I'll look her up on amazon. How is she doing? She was one of my favorite teachers at GHS (along with E. Lockheed and a few others).

    1. Paradise, we might have known each other. I was a junior at the same time at GHS.