Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gene Costner and Alice Bell Costner

A cousin named Bonnie posted this on her web site which another cousin just told me about. I have not yet succeeded in making contact with her except by comments on some of her pictures.[I SOON MADE CONTACT WITH BONNIE AND FIND, THE SOUTH BEING THE SOUTH, THAT SHE IS NOT ONLY MY SECOND COUSIN ON THE COSTNER SIDE, SHE IS ALSO A CLOSE COUSIN ON THE BELL SIDE, AND OF COURSE HANDSOME AND DELIGHTFUL LIKE ALL THE COSTNERS, STEWARTS, BELLS, KNOXES, EWARTS, AND ADAMSES.] I trust the Social Network will bridge all gaps so that I can exchange photographs with her. Meanwhile, by far the earliest picture of my mother's parents I have ever seen. I look, you will see, remarkably like Gene. The power of the Costner-Stewart genes!

At their marriage Gene could encircle Alice's waist with his hands. You see that he had big hands.

P. S. Bonnie and I have made initial contact. Will anyone who knows Mississippi be surprised to learn that we are not just second cousins but double second cousins quite aside from the bonus kinship from the marriage of various Scottish first cousins? Now, it was only last week that I proclaimed on Facebook that I would find photographs of the Stewart ancestors or other kinfolk so we can tell whether or not the "Costner look" is really the Stewart look. Now, Bonnie's grandfather first married a Stewart before he married her grandmother so her grandmother got to be stepmother to some of her young Stewart kin before she had her own children. And there are photographs of Edmunds-Stewart children. Now for more Stewarts and more photographs, all thanks to the Social Network.

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  1. The last article of clothing he took off on his wedding night, peeping women said, was his hat.