Monday, January 23, 2012

A lighter and earlier treatment of Stan Garner

�����Stanton was born on 1 September 1925.1 He was the son of Edward Samuel Garner Jr. and Helen Marguerite Berry. He married Katherine Shults Hambrecht on 25 December 1949.2 Stanton was divorced from Katherine Shults Hambrecht.2
�����Stanton graduated. Institution: at Brown University.2 Stanton retired from the military.2 Stanton served in the military in October 1943.1 Stanton graduated at Annapolis, MD, in 1948. Institution: at U.S. Naval Academy.2 Young Stanton had a habit of rescuing stray cats, all named Napoleon, but they liked to lurk around corners, swiping with their claws at his grandmother Emily's stockings as she passed them. The black servants always hissed at the cats when they were nearby. Stanton had to be disciplined on occasion, as once, when he had behaved irresponsibly with his grandfather's tools he received a well-deserved spanking.
Whenever chicken was served, Stanton had a habit of asking for a drumstick. Lucien, who sat at the head of the table and prepared all of the plates, always gave him a different portion without admonishing him. When, after being coached not to make demands, Stanton remained silent, he received a drumstick.

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