Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Outlaws remembered by one of the Glenn-Tucker cousins in the Choctaw Nation about 1887

I went to school as did others in a shirt that reached below the knees. The length of it did away with the need of trousers to go over it. When I was about ten years of age, our family was at dinner one day; we heard someone hail us from our yard. We went to the door. There on horses that had fancy saddles with trimmings, dressed very neat and nice, sat Jesse and Frank James and the Younger boys. They needed corn. Father asked 50 cents a bushel for the corn. The outlaws paid him $1.00 a bushel. The South Canadian ferry happened to be out at that time; the stream was quite swollen, however, this didn't slow the outlaws down any.


  1. Andrew Costner, born just before WWI, remembered with humiliation having to wear those shirts without pants. The shirts were never long enough.

  2. Eufaula was right near Youngers' Bend, so it's not surprising that the Youngers and the Jameses rode by and that the Tuckers recognized them. Nice that they overpaid.

    Wonder what happened to the fancy saddles?